Press Release

WMI Manufacturing Launches New Brand Alongside MAKR Group and Sets Sights on Growth

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, March 1, 2022—Since 2006 WMI Manufacturing has solidified its position as one of Western Canada’s leading stainless steel manufacturers. Now, as part of the MAKR Group, WMI Manufacturing is changing its name to Wekid Mfg (manufacturing) and is drawing on the wealth of experience this larger team offers. With over 100 skilled professionals in steel fabrication, logistics, engineering and corporate services, Wekid Mfg is pushing boundaries of steel machining and fabrication.

Wekid Mfg knows steel. With a modern manufacturing facility, the team has invested in Industry 4.0 technologies to better service customers with repeatable quality, precision and efficiency. Wekid’s smart factory currently offers engineering design and prototyping, CNC tube bending and powder cutting, CNC routing, turning and milling, precision hand fab and robotic welding and waterjet cutting.

“We’ve got an amazing team of people here at Wekid and MAKR,” says Dennis Scott, Director of Engineering and Operations at the MAKR Group. “Over the last 16 years we’ve been primarily focused on our work with Waterplay, our global splash pad partner. Strategically, over the last four years, we’ve been scaling up our shop and expertise. We’re proud of what we’re capable of today and prepared for new partnerships with the skillset we have in-house.”

Located in Kelowna, British Columbia, at 805 Crowley Avenue, the team and facility at Wekid Mfg is focused on growth. with 100s of 1000s of products installed around the globe since 2006, and steady focus on progression, change and opportunity, this manufacturing facility is primed for big things.


With 100s of 1000s of successful products installed around the globe, Wekid Mfg knows steel—it’s been our business for nearly two decades. As part of the MAKR Group of companies, Wekid consists of over 100 skilled professionals in steel fabrication, machining, logistics, engineering and corporate services, every single one of the eam ready to make your day. They’re not your typical manufacturing shop—they’re Wekid. Give them a shout: