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WEKID Manufacturing Brings Robotic Welding and Steel Tube Bending In-house.

Kelowna, Canada, February 3rd, 2020―WEKID Manufacturing, Western Canada’s leading stainless steel manufacturer, brings robotic welding and steel tube bending in-house to better service partner company, Waterplay® Solutions, and the local steel manufacturing community in Western Canada. With the new equipment, the WEKID Team plans to increase overall production efficiency by over 95% while improving production quality and consistency.

“The new tube bending machine can bend pipe up to 15 cm (6”) in diameter and up to 6 m in length (20 ft) with advanced precision and radius accuracy, says Dennis Scott, Director of Operations and Engineering. “Where previously we would outsource these bends for Waterplay and wait two weeks for bent pipe to ship back, we can now create the same bend, and more complex bends, in less than two minutes with a consistent precision.”

The new equipment comes at the heels of a facility expansion that say the WEKID facility grow from 1999 m2 (12,906 ft2) to 3552 m2 (38,236 ft2)—increasing the production capacity for the company exponentially.

“We have growth in our sightline and in order to fulfill the demand we see for stainless steel fabrication for our partner company, Waterplay, as well as the unique needs for other companies across Western Canada, we needed to invest in key technologies that would allow us to meet those demands,” says Scott.

The robotic welder allows WEKID to standardize certain stock products to streamline fabrication and create opportunities for welding automation—increasing capacity for additional works flows through the WEKID production floor. With the new equipment, the team is well on their way to offering solutions that will elevate the steel fabrication industry in Western Canada and the global efforts of partner company, Waterplay Solutions.

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