Matt is one of our senior fabricators. For more than six years, he has been bending, joining and welding stainless steel into the fun features that end up in spray parks across the globe.

At the start of each year, Matt, like all employees, sets performance goals, with one of those being a personal goal. Something not related or required for his job, but something that is meaningful, measurable and not easily achieved. Matt’s personal goals tend to be physically demanding and transformative (of his yard, that is).

How Matt Plays!

Springtime is “get stuff done time” for Matt, and this spring, it was time to attack the yard.  “I wanted to get my parking back next to my house so we decided it was time to get rid of part of the back yard.”

Three dump truckloads of dirt, two months to build a new fence and one father-in-law driving a skid steer and the Van Dyke’s new yard was complete.  In between all of that, Matt built a retaining wall and spread and compressed 26 yards of crush (by hand, no less).

matt fence
Fence demolition

Matt Crush
Spreading 26 yards of crush 

Matt done
Finished! Toys are safe and sound.

Matt had lots of family helping him.

His favourite foreman, his six-year-old son Ryan, assessed the “aggressively deep” original fence posts, and how much more fill his dad needed to make them a more reasonable 18 inches deep.

Nice job on your new parking pad, Matt. And nice job on your work to create fantastic features on splashpads all over the world.