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WEKID Manufacturing Continues Production Facility Enhancements with industry-leading CNC Lathe and Mill.

Kelowna, Canada, January 26th, 2021―WEKID Manufacturing, Western Canada’s leading stainless steel manufacturer, continues to elevate its production facility in 2021 with state-of-the-art CNC lathe and mill equipment. Up and running and ready to meet the demands coming to the WEKID production team, the implementation of the CNC lathe and mill are an integral stepping stone in the company’s efforts to improve quality and efficiency in a data-driven industry 4.0 driven manufacturing facility.

“The introduction of the CNC lathe and mill further our integration of industry 4.0 manufacturing ideologies into our facility,” says WEKID President Jill White. “These improvements allow our teams to create efficiencies through the automation of repetitive tasks, improve accuracy through computerization as well as the ability to constantly assess data to further improve quality and process.”

For partner company, Waterplay® Solutions, the introduction of the CNC lathe and mill has meant improved quality with decreased lead times and manufacturing costs.

“We see our recent investments in advanced fabrication equipment, particularly the tube bending machine, robotic welder, and now the CNC lathe and mill, being not only an asset to Waterplay and manufacturing splash pad equipment, but also to local companies looking for high quality steel manufacturing capabilities from a local resource,” says White. “At WEKID there’s a commitment and a passion for community and an overall feeling of responsibility to localize our efforts and reduce the burden on the international supply chain. We have a great industry arising in the Okanagan through local manufacturers, brewers and wineries—at WEKID we’re really hoping to support these businesses and help build a strong industry in the interior of BC and in Western Canada.”

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