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Who We Are


Here’s the rundown:

We’re a tiny piece of a bigger puzzle, but an important piece.

We’re a group of MAKRs and our purpose, our common goal, our passion, is to connect communities through play and social experiences. We do this through the group of companies that “makr” up the MAKR Group: Parkworks, Waterplay and Wekid Mfg.

Our companies are fueled by joy and fun, and daily doses of laughter sprinkled between the serious work we do. A recipe we think helps us do our job that much better. If you call us, we’ll be helpful. If you laugh with us, we’ll laugh with you because that’s the way we like to do business. If you’re looking for suits and ties and a corporate mentality, it’s probably not us. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more devoted, skilled, professional group of people to invest your time with.

Our Values

We CARE about the projects we work on and the people we connect with—and our values are a figurative sword we’re willing to die on (figuratively… we just want to make that very clear).


Being courageous is more than being brave, it means doing the right thing despite our fears or who is watching. People, environment, the big things, and the little things that make a world of difference. We promise to speak up and do the right thing, even when it’s hard. Courageous people and courageous acts change the world and that’s what we’re looking to do. #GoUndercat (underdog is so overused)


Attitude is everything. Things won’t always work the way we want them to, that’s life, but you better believe we’ll make some darn good lemonade in the process—that’s a pinky promise. Life is short, sh*t happens and failure doesn’t define us. Opportunity is always knocking, lightly tapping, or silently skulking—we’ll find it.


We’re not talking ‘Til Death Do Us Part, we’re talking human connections. Real human connections. Our family, friends, partners and communities are everything. People come first in all our decision making and building relationships is the heart of our business.


Where we start from isn’t always equal, and that’s unjust, plain and simple. Stick your pinky out because we’re making a second promise, the places we work, the connections we build, and the outcomes we help create are inclusive and diverse, always. The world is a better place when we find ways to recognize imbalances and work hard to correct the course. We’ll need your help with this one.


The Wekid Mfg Team

We’re the MAKR Group’s steel fabrication experts!

We’ve changed our name! Formerly WMI Manufacturing Corp.(Waterplay Manufacturing Incorporated), we’re now Wekid Mfg, a name that is as playful and spirited as the fabricators who work and play here. With 100s of 1000s of successful products installed around the globe, we know steel—it’s been our business for nearly two decades. As part of the MAKR Group of companies, our team consists of over 100 skilled professionals in fabrication, logistics, engineering and corporate services.

The Wekid Culture

Protecting what we’re passionate about.
Our work culture is a direct reflection of the passion we have for communities and our hope for a socially just future. The MAKR Group is committed to doing our part, and inspiring others to do theirs.

We envision a world where wages are fair, socioeconomic barriers are removed, and the environment is healthy and thriving. Learn more about our Featured Projects

Please Note: This will open a new website: MAKRGroup.com


Contact Info

Our Office

805 Crowley Ave, Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 7G6


Open Office Hours

M-F: 7am – 3:30pm PST


Get in Touch

email: info@wekidmfg.com

toll-free: 1 (888) 890-6257

local: 1 (250) 712-3393

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The tireless dedication of our people who deliver quality products and unmatched customer service are what set us apart from our competitors. We are a purpose lead, people first company, from the products and services we offer, to our internal policies and procedures, and the aspirations we have for humanity and the communities in which we all live, work and play.

Jill White – President



Exceptional Quality

We strive to deliver the highest standards in the industry through the products we offer, the people we employ, our in-house procedures, and the partners and suppliers we work with.


Expertise & Support

Our expert team is comprised of research and design specialists, in-house manufacturing and logistics, on-site service and training, as well as project support specialists that offer ongoing assistance throughout the lifetime of your project.


CARE Values


We CARE about what we do and that passion comes through the integrity of our products and people. At WEKID we believe that every task we undertake is important and deserves our utmost COURAGE, we embrace the ATTITUDE that anything is possible, our teamwork is fueled by amazing RELATIONSHIPS, and we promote an environment of EQUALITY that invites collaboration.

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