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A Different kind of Manufacturing Partner

You’ll know you’ve stumbled onto a different kind of manufacturing partner when you work with WEKID. We could tell you,
“WEKID Manufacturing Corp. (formerly Waterplay Manufacturing Inc.) has been delivering high quality, stainless steel, fabricated products to customers around the world since 2006”.

This is all true—and our experience allows us to set the bar high—but what we feel makes us truly unique is HOW we do WHAT we do and WHY you can expect a unique experience when you partner with us.

Pride in What We Do

From your first interaction with our team of kick-ass, highly skilled trades and engineering professionals, you’ll notice that we really take an interest in your project. We’re eager to show off our workmanship and “speak geek” on the details of how we can bring your vision to life. We collaborate with you and our cohorts to maximize the creativity of the project and generate ideas. Walking through our facility, you’ll see shine routines in place and LEAN manufacturing principles at work, but you’ll also hear music pumping and probably more than a few laughs happening on the floor. We’ve learned how to turn our purpose, “Creating global communities connected through play and social experiences.” into an internal mantra to have fun, to turn work into play and to engage in meaningful ways with each other and our customers. But don’t be fooled. We couldn’t be more serious about end results and the products we deliver. WEKID has been ISO 9001/14001 certified for over ten years and our team adheres to rigorous quality control and environmental best practices in the manufacturing of our products.

How WEKID Got Here

That’s what you can expect when you work with an organization that was, quite literally, born to manufacture aquatic play equipment for its partner company, Waterplay® Solutions. As the aquatic play industry has grown, so has WEKID’s capabilities and we have had the profound privilege to be a part of creating amazing spaces throughout communities around the world. What we do makes a difference in people’s lives and our team wholeheartedly embraces our purpose and our values, which are embodied within our team of people as I.C.A.R.E.

As a leading stainless steel manufacturer with a vast array of expertise in designing, engineering, fabricating and shipping cool products around the world, we are one of the Okanagan Valley’s best-kept secrets. We’re excited to bring this expertise to help you build your business. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your project; our team is here to help and best of all, we’re fun to work with! Learn more about our Featured Projects


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Our Office

805 Crowley Ave, Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 7G6


Open Office Hours

M-F: 7am – 3:30pm PST


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email: info@WEKIDmfg.com

toll-free: 1 (800) 590-5552

local: 1 (250) 712-3393

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The tireless dedication of our people who deliver quality products and unmatched customer service are what set us apart from our competitors. We are a purpose lead, people first company, from the products and services we offer, to our internal policies and procedures, and the aspirations we have for humanity and the communities in which we all live, work and play.

Jill White – President



Exceptional Quality

We strive to deliver the highest standards in the industry through the products we offer, the people we employ, our in-house procedures, and the partners and suppliers we work with.


Expertise & Support

Our expert team is comprised of research and design specialists, in-house manufacturing and logistics, on-site service and training, as well as project support specialists that offer ongoing assistance throughout the lifetime of your project.


ICARE Values

We CARE about what we do and that passion comes through in the INNOVATION and integrity of our products and people. At WEKID we believe that every task we undertake is important and deserves our utmost COMMITMENT, we embrace the ATTITUDE that anything is possible, our teamwork is fueled by mutual RESPECT, and we promote an environment of EQUALITY that invites collaboration. 

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